Hello Monday is a blog for people who think about time and how it moves through their everyday lives.

The author is Julia Scatliff O’Grady, a doctoral student and teaching fellow at UNC-Chapel Hill’s Department of Communication Studies.  She believes paying attention to how we talk about time  is the only form of  time management that works.

The fact that O’Grady’s blog is about  time and talk is no fluke.  Several of her relatives were assembly line workers at  the Elgin Watch Factory in Illinois.

Her portrait was created by Mindpower Inc in Atlanta, GA to honor Julia’s everlasting interest in time and how we relate to it.

While most people think time is about time management, O’Grady believes it is about building a better relationship with time. She believes how we talk influences how we relate to time.


6 responses to “About

  1. elisabeth wharton

    This author is insightful in the most significant sense of the word. She finds a wonderful combination of lightness and significance, indicating a deep personal understanding of the magic of words. I am enjoying reading her ruminations, and they have added a wonderful element to my day.
    Love reading your stuff – esdw

  2. Edith Buhs

    How do I subscribe to your lovely bit of Juliabrain?

  3. Julia, how can I subscribe to this, so I know when you have posted? I am settling in for the winter and would love to keep up! Happy Thanksgiving, with gratitude for your continuing reflections on this “time-honored” topic!!

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