100 Years Old

After reading the enclosed article about centenarians, I realized the work of growing older gracefully has nothing to do with trying to predict how many years are left. The people profiled had other strategies than accounting for turning 100, 101 and 102.

What I take away from the centenarians is the following. First, make friends with people who are younger than you. Be in each other’s lives enough so that you come to depend on and love one another. Take trips together. Second, maintain a life of adventure. If you have to lie to your family members as you descend into the Grand Canyon at 91 years old, then so be it. Keep taking risks throughout your whole life.

Third, attitude appears to be just as important as diet. Fourth, always help people who are not as physically fit as you. Fifth, no one wants to talk with you when you get older. You have to continue to assert your own mental acuity and not worry about other people’s ignorance. Finally, think more about how to live than when you are going to die.

If you are younger than 100, remember to speak directly to people who are older than you. Invite someone older than you on an adventure. Whatever your age, get started now. Be intergenerational. Take risks. Speak up. Live.

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