Saving Time

The experts are loud and clear. Daylight Saving Time does not save energy.  What we save in electricity, we spend in gas in the new bright hours after work.  It is a government intervention that gestures toward progress and proactivity when its net result appears to be slim to none.

Think of all of the mental energy wasted.  My priest was almost late for mass yesterday thinking it was ten to eight by his watch when it was really ten to nine. Fortunately, he got the news from a store clerk to forget breakfast at McDonalds and rush to church.

This morning, I cursed DST‘s too early arrival as I rose to prepare my kids for school in complete darkness. At my kids’ bus stop, I saw a pedestrian dressed in black cross a busy four lane road to get to her grown-up bus. I held my breath as a car and a bus navigated around her.  She, like me, had grown accustomed to a morning light that no longer existed.

Instead of fighting this government intervention or creating a tea party against forced temporal manipulation, I have found some joy in imagining a sudden departure to a country or territory that does not enforce DST such as Afghanistan, Belize or Vietnam. I could also relocate from North Carolina to Hawaii, Arizona or Antarctica (where only certain locations enforce DST).

DST is good for one thing and one thing alone.  I remember  to be suspicious of verbs, found in everyday conversation and public policies, that lie too close to time. We can never really save time, savor perhaps.

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